My name is Irene Delgado and I have been involved in IAESTE for seven years now. I started as a volunteer in the local committee of Zaragoza and I have been developing in the association until now, when I have the pleasure of being the National Secretary. IAESTE has provided me with many of my professional and personal skills, and has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and places around the world that have enriched my education. As National Secretary, my work focuses on the management and coordination of the association at the national level. Together with the current president of the association, Blanca Marquina, we form the General Secretary, representing IAESTE Spain at an international level and working day by day with the rest of the countries, our students, companies and Spanish universities to keep growing.

I am the Marketing Coordinator and responsible for social media at national level. I am also in charge of the Marketing team at my LC. I have acquired soft skills such as document management and team organisation. Thanks to IAESTE I have gained an internship and lifelong friendships.

Debate, give opinions, share points of view, but above all learn to bring the opinion of the whole so that it can be heard; without forgetting of course the CoCon, an event that everyone who experiences it wants to repeat. The introduction to the international environment of IAESTE is a great opportunity to observe the world from other perspectives, and there are times when one alone is not able to see what others have known for years.

The participation in the different working groups at local and national level is a great opportunity for personal development and acquisition of Soft Skills.

From the fluency and ease you can acquire when establishing contact with companies, the leadership and delegation skills when managing the organisation of IAESTE in your Faculty to the creativity and teamwork that involves collaborating in the promotion of the association in social networks.

In addition, different events take place annually at national and international level where student members meet to work on the improvement of the association, thus promoting cultural exchange and strengthening ties.

I am Blanca, industrial engineer and current President of IAESTE Spain and I am, together with my colleague Irene, part of the General Secretariat. For me, IAESTE has been and is a way to develop both personally and professionally. Since I started as a volunteer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, I have developed a multitude of functions that have brought me closer to the world of work and have allowed me to develop my transversal competences. Moreover, representing IAESTE at an international level gives me the opportunity to meet people, cultures and incredible places that are key in my professional and personal development. IAESTE changes lives!

My journey at IAESTE began during my second year at university as a delegate of my school at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This decision changed my life. Currently, I have the honour of being the IAESTE delegate in the Valencian Community. IAESTE offers a unique experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in another culture 100%. I have made friends from all over the world and built professional connections in the Valencian Community. The influence of IAESTE is so profound that my colleagues in Valencia often say: “IAESTE marks you in life”. Don’t underestimate the impact IAESTE can have on your life.